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Top Ten Electronic Inventions that will make your life easier

Our top ten electronic inventions:

Here are our top ten electronic inventions. All ten inventions are useful for everyday needs and will definitely enhance anyones life, regardless of age or gender. You will see some of the most practical inventions such as the green glob cleaner that leaves all your hard-to-clean electronics spotless. Additionally, discover a very cool invention using the latest bone conduction technology such as the open ear wireless headphones. All inventions definitely solve a problem that most experience in their everyday lives.

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Universal mobile phone stand can be shaped and used in a multiple of settings

This universal mobile phone stand can be used in multiple settings depending on how you want to shape it. To order from Amazon:

More information about the universal mobile phone stand:

No longer experience hand pain from holding your phone with this universal mobile phone stand. Use it virtually anywhere as you can tuck it under the mattress or the headboard of a bed,  sit it up on your desk or chair or strap it around your neck.

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Smart Notebook Connects to an App and stores useful information

Now you can throw away all your useless notebooks that just take up space when you can have just one Smart notebook that neatly stores and organizes all the useful information. To order from Amazon:

More info about this Smart Notebook:

This smart notebook provides the classic pen and paper experience but designed for the digital age. After taking notes or drawing a picture, all one needs to do is mark a symbol and scan that page using the App.

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Open Ear Wireless Headphones allow you to Listen to Music and the World

Listen to music while being aware of your surroundings with these open ear wireless headphones.  To order from Amazon:

More information about the open ear wireless headphones:

These flexible yet durable wireless stereo headphones are the safest alternative to standard sport headphones and earbuds. With the use of bone conduction technology, one is able to listen to their music while being aware of the world around them due to an open ear design.

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This Prototype Massage Robot will Provide Amazing Massages to Everyone

This prototype massage robot is a life-sized robot that will be able to provide millions of Americans with low-cost monthly massages as well as give much safer and effective body massages. The robot will relieve pain and stress as well as help with recovery from surgery or sporting activities using many different types of therapeutic options such as kneading, rolling, vibration, heat, electric and pulse. The robot is created with a calibration algorithm which will allow users to share massage programs between different body sizes and shapes.

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