This Prototype Massage Robot will Provide Amazing Massages to Everyone

This prototype massage robot is a life-sized robot that will be able to provide millions of Americans with low-cost monthly massages as well as give much safer and effective body massages. The robot will relieve pain and stress as well as help with recovery from surgery or sporting activities using many different types of therapeutic options such as kneading, rolling, vibration, heat, electric and pulse. The robot is created with a calibration algorithm which will allow users to share massage programs between different body sizes and shapes.

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Be Productive at Work or Enjoy a Hobby with this Exercise Desk Bike

No longer make excuses to not exercise when you have this exercise desk bike. To order from Amazon:

More information about the exercise desk bike:

Keep in shape while either being productive at work or enjoying a hobby with an exercise desk bike. The adjustable desk for this bike provides space to either read, use your tablet or make a puzzle. Depending on ones fitness level, the resistance can be changed to either be more or less intense.

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