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Sing as Loud as you Want With The BELTBOX And No One Will Hear You

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BELTBOX is a portable vocal dampener for singers. Now singers can warm-up their voices before auditions without singing into a pillow. Simply put the BELTBOX over ones mouth to quiet any warm-up sounds and to not disturb others. It muffles the voice but still allows one to hear if they are in the right key. The coolest part is that with the BELTBOX, someone can sing as loud as they can and it sounds like a whisper to everyone else.

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This Trash Can Compactor Fits 3x More Garbage

Fit 3x more garbage with this Trash Can Compactor. To order from Amazon:

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This Trash unit is definitely unique. It reduces the trash volume by 66% due to its patented, hygienic compaction system. And because it compacts your waste, it doesn’t need to be emptied as often, which reduces the amount of liners you need and how often you need to take out the trash.

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Dual Screen Smartphone Will Let You Multitask Like Never Before

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The Axon M by ZTE is a revolutionary foldable dual screen smartphone that allows one to multitask like never before. The Dual Mode gives virtually unlimited potential in app combinations. The two full HD screens become a stunning 6.75″ tablet-like display when merged together. This Extended Mode lets you play games or watch your favorite shows on a larger screen.

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Instantly Convert Objects into 3D Models with this Cool 3D Scanner

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The Artec Space Spider 3D scanner is a new and enhanced precision instrument for CAD users and engineers. With the use of blue light technology, the Artec Space Spider captures small objects with intricate details or larger industrial objects in high resolution with amazing accuracy and brilliant color.
The scanner’s technology sets it apart from others as it can render complex geometry,

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Convert Old Slides and Films to Digital Images with this Digital Film Scanner

Convert old slides and films to JPEG format with this easy to use digital film scanner. To order from Amazon:

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Do you have precious memories stored in old slides and films? Now one can experience these memories again without a pricy cost of conversion to digital images. With this Digital Film Scanner from Kodak, reliving the past is super easy. Simply scan, save and share. This versatile film-to-JPEG converter digitizes and optimizes films including 35mm,

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