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This Trash Can Compactor Fits 3x More Garbage

Fit 3x more garbage with this Trash Can Compactor. To order from Amazon:

More Information about this trash can compactor:
This Trash unit is definitely unique. It reduces the trash volume by 66% due to its patented, hygienic compaction system. And because it compacts your waste, it doesn’t need to be emptied as often, which reduces the amount of liners you need and how often you need to take out the trash. It holds up to 3X more trash than a similar sized household unit and is great for compacting general waste hygienically. It includes a fingerprint-proof stainless-steel coating and a replaceable carbon odor filter for any unpleasant smells. The Trash is hygienic and mess-free and the unique design allows only the inside of the plastic bag to come in contact with the trash while compacting, which ultimately leaves you with clean hands and a clean bin. It is durable and built to last. The compaction system and foot pedal has been tested over 100,000 times. The quality is so good that the manufacturer guarantees it for 10 years against manufacturing defects. Due to the anti-tear design, it won’t stretch or pinch the trash bag. A handy lid-stay feature ensures liner changes are quick and hassle-free, and it also includes a handle on the reverse to make moving easy.

What we think about the trash can compactor:

Now you don’t have to constantly take out garbage bags with this trash can compactor. All you need to do is lift up the handle and push down and you can fit 3X more trash. Although it won’t tear the liners, special extra strength trash bags can be bought separately just for an added peace of mind. Everyone loves saving time and money! Not only will you save time by not taking out unnecessary and not 100% full trash bags, you will also save money on not requiring as many trash bags. Let’s face it, trash is disgusting! The best part of the Trash Can is that it’s hygienic and mess-free as you never need to touch the trash while compacting.

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