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$100 Lowe’s Gift Card [Sweepstakes ends on Mar 25, 2018 11:59 PM PDT]

For our loyal fans we are doing nne more $100 gift card giveaway for Lowe’s hardware stores: Make sure to sign up ASAP as the winner will be chose tomorrow morning! Stay tuned for even a better giveaway this week!

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Coating spray will save you time and money while coating your car

For all those DIY people out there, protect your car with this coating spray that is more efficient and saves you time with no professionals to do the install. To order similar items on Amazon:

More information about the coating spray:

No need for a professional when you have this HydroSilex coating spray. It’s extremely easy and simple to install and is perfect for any DIY. After the spray is applied,

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This Grappling Hook can Pick Up Anything!

Pick up anything from ropes and water bottles to objects as small as coins with this grappling hook. To order from Amazon:

More information:

The Gravity Hook is similar to a mechanical claw and grappling hook. When it is lowered down and touches the ground, gravity pushes the jaws open and allows for it to clutch onto an object. By lifting the it, the jaws close around the prize and it’s able to be lifted.

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This Child Toilet Seat Conveniently Attaches to Main Toilet Lid

Parents no longer have to rush in every time their child needs to use the toilet as this convenient child toilet seat is already attached to the main toilet lid. To order from Amazon:

More information about the Child Toilet Seat:
This child toilet seat attaches directly to the main toilet lid. If a child need’s to use the toilet, the the child’s toilet seat simply lowers down.

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Sleep On-The-Go with this Sleep Hoodie

Take a proper nap no matter where you are with this sleep hoodie. To order from Amazon:

The Sleep Hoodie is an everyday hoodie that inflates for taking naps no matter where you are. It’s both stylish as it has a classic design and made of luxury quality fabric, as well as functional as the hoodie gives 180 degree of support around the head. It’s not complicated to assemble as it only takes three seconds to inflate + deflate.

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