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This Child Toilet Seat Conveniently Attaches to Main Toilet Lid

Parents no longer have to rush in every time their child needs to use the toilet as this convenient child toilet seat is already attached to the main toilet lid. To order from Amazon:

More information about the Child Toilet Seat:
This child toilet seat attaches directly to the main toilet lid. If a child need’s to use the toilet, the the child’s toilet seat simply lowers down. It’s easy to clean with hinges that allow the seat to be removed for cleaning. This innovative seat is perfect for your home. A magnet automatically secures  into the recess in the molded wood cover, which eliminates the need for an adult to be present to manually lift the child potty seat. And when the child outgrows the toilet seat, the potty seat portion can be easily and permanently removed.

What we think about the Child Toilet Seat:

Life with children can often be messy, exhausting, and definitely patience testing. Potty training is one area of a child’s life that includes all of that. The little potty’s are cute until your toddler poops inside and now you need to clean the little potty. Yuck! Having your child do their thing directly into the toilet makes the most sense as it requires the least amount of cleanup afterwards. However, now a parent needs to provide a child toilet cover or their child will fall right inside the toilet! To store and pull a toilet seat out every time your child needs to pee or poo can get tiresome and it requires you to always be present. Now a toilet seat that directly attaches to the main toilet makes a lot of sense. No more storing more stuff and no more rushing in every time your child needs the toilet. This also makes children feel more confident about using a toilet on their own.

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