Shock absorbent backpack with lighten your load

More about the shock absorbent backpack:

This shock absorbent backpack is a must for anyone who wants to reduce the weight load on their back, neck, knees, and ankles. Whether you are a commuter, hiker, or in the military, this backpack will lighten the load and make it so much easier to carry heavy equipment. It dramatically reduces the dynamic forces due to its patented double-frame and pulley system design.

A study shows in the journal,

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Bike parking lift will let you raise your bike without physical strength

More about the bike parking lift:

This bike parking lift has a unique design. It’s a space saving solution that is simple and smart.  The bike lift is mechanical but it doesn’t require a ton of physical strength. Once the wheels are placed inside the lift, the lift will magically raise your bike while you direct it upward.  It’s an ideal bike rack that saves space and tidies up your living space or work area. 

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10 Ten Inventions of 2016

Links to 10 ten inventions of 2016:

#10 Tarpmats:

#9 Sugru:

#8 3Doodler:

#7 Track N Go:

#6 h2o Snorkel Mask:

#5 Riley Security Robot:

#4 Aero Mobil:

#3 Hololens:

#2 Flowhive:

#1 Vue Smart Glasses:

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