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Bike wheel lights will make your ride both safe and cool

These bike wheel lights not only add an artsy look to your wheels but also increase the safety of the rider. To order from Amazon:

More about the bike wheel lights:

Turn an evening bike ride into an instant party with these bike wheel lights. Simply start pedaling your bike and the spinning bicycle wheel will illuminate with thousands of awesome pictures, logos and animations. The cutting edge digital light art will definitely make you noticed at night.

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Sing as Loud as you Want With The BELTBOX And No One Will Hear You

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BELTBOX is a portable vocal dampener for singers. Now singers can warm-up their voices before auditions without singing into a pillow. Simply put the BELTBOX over ones mouth to quiet any warm-up sounds and to not disturb others. It muffles the voice but still allows one to hear if they are in the right key. The coolest part is that with the BELTBOX, someone can sing as loud as they can and it sounds like a whisper to everyone else.

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