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Bike wheel lights will make your ride both safe and cool

These bike wheel lights not only add an artsy look to your wheels but also increase the safety of the rider. To order from Amazon:

More about the bike wheel lights:

Turn an evening bike ride into an instant party with these bike wheel lights. Simply start pedaling your bike and the spinning bicycle wheel will illuminate with thousands of awesome pictures, logos and animations. The cutting edge digital light art will definitely make you noticed at night. The 32 ultra-bright full color LEDs provide up to 200 lumens of light that will ensure that others will see you.  The colors bright and stunning. There are 42 built-in themes, such as hearts, skulls, lightning, stars and much more. The themes can change  instantly with the push of a button. The lights are waterproof and durable. They are designed to last in all types of weather. The wheel lights are also create new digital art as your wheel spins. Additionally, you can also have a different design on each individual wheel. If you don’t know which design you want, you can put it on shuffle mode and see all the art. The lights illuminate the road so you are able to see the road in the dark. It also makes riding at night safer as cars and other pedestrians will be able to see you.

bike wheel lights

bike wheels lit up

bike wheel lights

riding a bike with wheel lights

What we think about the bike wheel lights:

how cool is it to have bike wheel lights! Not only is it functional as the road can be lit up as you ride, but it’s just awesome to have new designs as you ride. If you ever get bored with the logos and animations, you can always design your own and connect to it through bluetooth.

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