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Cook the best hot dogs ever with these 5 cool hot dog inventions

Tired of boring hot dogs? With these 5 awesome inventions, the yummiest food on the planet will get even yummier and easier to make.

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Who doesn’t love hot dogs? They are the perfect food for a picnic, a day at the ballpark, or just a quick meal at home. But after a while, hot dogs can start to get a bit boring or unappetizing. In addition, it can be challenging  to find time to stand by the grill and cook a hot dog to perfection. That’s where these hot dog inventions come in.


1) Hot dog and bun microwave cooker

Check out this invention that separates the bun from the hot dog. You can easily cook it in the microwave which will save you a lot of time. One cool feature is that it separates and collects the juice from your hot dog which prevents the bun from becoming soggy. How genius is that? Now you can cook your hot dog in under 1 minutes and have a delicious hot dog meal without any hassle.


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2) 4 slot hot dog and bun toaster:

For those needing to make a few more hot dogs at one time, the 4 slot hot dog and bun toaster seems like a smart choice. While the previous invention microwaved the hot dog and bun, this toasts it. It makes sense of those who enjoy crispier buns and hot dogs.

toasts four delicious hot dogs and buns at the same time


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3) Hot dog slicing tool:

Tired of boring hot dogs? this tool is perfect to create a beautiful design. Not only does it give a fresh new look to your hot dog, but the slicing device also helps expand the hot dog while cooking which helps the smoke and grill flavor seep in more. Isn’t that awesome? Your hot dog will become more beautiful and tastier as well. it also creates a beautiful design to decorate with ketchup or mustard.

how it looks before cooking

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4) Hot dog steamer:

The hot dog steamer is for those looking to quickly microwave your hot dogs, brats or sausages. It’s bpa-free and melamine free plastic and steams the hot dogs to keep in all the flavor. In addition to cooking, you can also store your hot dogs in the same container which definitely makes it convenient.

perfect size to cook any hot dogs, brats or sausages

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5) Hot dog bun driller

Hot dog bun driller is definitely a unique invention. The idea is to keep all the contents inside the bun without your hot dog or condiments falling out as you go for a big bite. It makes sense to use it, however, it seems like one would need to find the right type of bun to use with it as a bun that is too soft and doesn’t hold up might not work with the drill.

simply drill through longest part of the bun

enjoy a hot dog that holds the hot dog and condiments neatly inside

the drill tool














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