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Shock absorbent backpack with lighten your load

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More about the shock absorbent backpack:

This shock absorbent backpack is a must for anyone who wants to reduce the weight load on their back, neck, knees, and ankles. Whether you are a commuter, hiker, or in the military, this backpack will lighten the load and make it so much easier to carry heavy equipment. It dramatically reduces the dynamic forces due to its patented double-frame and pulley system design.

A study shows in the journal, ‘Nature’ that there was a 82% reducting in force while walking and 86% reduction while running. This means that there is less chance of someone injuring themselves. Hikers will find that it takes less energy to carry heavy loads and that they are able to hike farther with more gear as the backpack will simply glide up and down when walking or running.

shock absorbent backpack

climbing stairs with ease

shock absorbent backpack

the backpack

The backpack offers a variety of options due to four styles ranging from 28 liters to 55 liters. It has a 20″ frame that fits all three smaller packs, so one can easily switch the pack depending on their needs. It’s comfortable to wear, water repellent, lightweight, and has plenty of storage and space.

What we think about the shock absorbent backpack:

Not only does this backpack look awesome, it’s also very functional as well. The stress on the back, neck, knees, and ankles while carrying a heavy backpack can make carrying equipment or work materials just not worth it. Those that carry too much weight on their back tend to lean forward which places tremendous stress on the body. To have a backpack that lightens the load is definitely a revolutionary idea. The backpack also seems to have a great design as it has plenty of space, comfortable to wear as it has breathable materials, and durable.

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