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Sleep On-The-Go with this Sleep Hoodie

Take a proper nap no matter where you are with this sleep hoodie. To order from Amazon:

The Sleep Hoodie is an everyday hoodie that inflates for taking naps no matter where you are. It’s both stylish as it has a classic design and made of luxury quality fabric, as well as functional as the hoodie gives 180 degree of support around the head. It’s not complicated to assemble as it only takes three seconds to inflate + deflate. Made of the softest blends of the industry leading fabrics and MADE IN USA. Getting the best support is significant to sleeping on the go. The hoodie is perfect for helping turn your downtime into the perfect nap time. Comfortable for sleeping on your side, back or sitting straight up. The inflatables can be removed easily for washing as one just needs to take out the velcro attachments at each bottom corner of the hoodie. Not only stay warm and look stylish in your hoodie, but enjoy the best travel sleep no matter where you are. 

Finding the moments to rest your head can be difficult during travels. The combination of not finding a comfortable place to rest your head as well as feeling cold can prevent people from feeling comfortable enough to relax. The sleep hoodie solves both of these problems. It not only is cozy and warm to wear, it also provides the structure required to take a nap, no matter your location. It’s stylish yet functional. Perfect for either men or women.

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