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Dual Screen Smartphone Will Let You Multitask Like Never Before

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More Information about this dual screen smartphone:
The Axon M by ZTE is a revolutionary foldable dual screen smartphone that allows one to multitask like never before. The Dual Mode gives virtually unlimited potential in app combinations. The two full HD screens become a stunning 6.75″ tablet-like display when merged together. This Extended Mode lets you play games or watch your favorite shows on a larger screen. Lastly, one can fold the device like a tent in Mirror Mode, sit across from a friend, place it on the table, and both individuals can view the same movie from two separate sides.

What we think about the dual screen smartphone:
Typically on one’s smartphone, you only have one screen to focus on one task. Either you can watch a movie or you can write an email…but not at the same time. Many people like to multitask so a phone with two screens definitely makes a lot of sense. Now, one can write an email and watch a movie at the same time. What is even cooler is that you can merge both screens together and it’ll feel as if you are holding a tablet. That means that you could easily write an essay or play your favorite games. Additionally, another awesome feature is that it folds like a tent. Now you don’t have to struggle with a friend to watch the same screen as you can now comfortably sit across from each other and enjoy the same movie.

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