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This Prototype Massage Robot will Provide Amazing Massages to Everyone

This prototype massage robot is a life-sized robot that will be able to provide millions of Americans with low-cost monthly massages as well as give much safer and effective body massages. The robot will relieve pain and stress as well as help with recovery from surgery or sporting activities using many different types of therapeutic options such as kneading, rolling, vibration, heat, electric and pulse. The robot is created with a calibration algorithm which will allow users to share massage programs between different body sizes and shapes.
Many feel uncomfortable going to massage parlors due to a bad reputation of sexual misconduct or others may have body image issues and feel embarrassed. Robots do not judge and will provide the exact massage the way it is designed for. Some individuals wouldn’t want their spouse from getting a massage from the opposite gender so it is also a perfect solution as both women and men would feel comfortable getting a massage from a robot.

What we think about it:

As long as the prototype massage robot provides the same high quality massage that a human massage therapist would give, it seems like a fantastic idea. Massages are important for everyone and really do contribute to ones health and wellness. To be able to make massages available for everyone by a robot is definitely revolutionary. Oftentimes, there are excellent massage therapists or terrible massage therapists but most importantly, it’s hard find a massage therapist who will give a consistent fantastic massage. Having an excellent massage combined with a consistent massage would be the best combination and a robot could provide that. It’s also great for those with a bad self-image and low self-esteem as they would feel comfortable going to a robot since robots wouldn’t judge.

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