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Lifting chair will help fallen people get up with ease

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This simple battery operated mobile lifting chair helps fallen people up to an almost standing position. It works within a few minutes and can easily be assembled and operated by one person. No strenuous effort to lift the fallen individual is required except a supportive hand. This lifting chair is perfect for the elderly or those with disabilities who find it difficult to lift themselves up. This lifting chair definitelyl provides a sense of dignity or the fallen person and provides a feeling of security as the entire body is supported throughout the process.

The lifting chair is often used by personnel in home care services or ambulance services. It’s easy to transport as it can be disassembled after each use. The entire process of assembling the chair to lifting the person up takes only a few minutes.

lifting chair

from flat to upright

lifting chair

lifting a man

lifting chair

lifting a girl


What we think about the lifting chair:

Elderly and those with disabilities may fall down as they have less control. The lifting chair not only lifts the individual in a secure way but also provides a sense of dignity for the person in the process. Other conventional methods to lift a person require two people and can seem a bit awkward and uncomfortable for the person being lifted. This chair only requires one assistant to operate and requires little physical effort.

Additionally, this chair is perfect for those who might have been in an accident and are fragile. This is because the chair moves slowly and supports the individual on all sides so there is no imbalance while lifting. It’s easy transport as it can be disassembled. And, set up is quick. In fact, it takes only three minutes from the time of assemble to lifting the individual off the floor.  Lastly, it’s battery operated so it doesn’t matter where the person falls down and because ones doesn’t need to find an outlet to turn the lifting chair on.

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