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Smart Notebook Connects to an App and stores useful information

Now you can throw away all your useless notebooks that just take up space when you can have just one Smart notebook that neatly stores and organizes all the useful information. To order from Amazon:

More info about this Smart Notebook:

This smart notebook provides the classic pen and paper experience but designed for the digital age. After taking notes or drawing a picture, all one needs to do is mark a symbol and scan that page using the App. The notes are then directed to the Cloud where it’s neatly stored and easy to retrieve in the future.

The notebook can be used with any pen, marker or highlighter from the Pilot FriXion line. Fifteen seconds after the ink touches the paper, it cannot be smudged. However, add a drop of water and the notebook can be erased quickly with a cloth. After completing a page, mark one of the seven symbols at the bottom of each page that indicates where to send the content within the app. After, scan the page by hovering the phone above and in milliseconds, the app will capture each page with a picture that is incredibly crisp and vibrant. Now one doesn’t have to waste tons of old notebooks that may be half filled and collecting dust on the shelf. The smart notebook will be the last notebook you’ll ever need.

Perfect for students, engineers, designers, managers as all notes and sketches can be stored and shared using the cloud and all useful information is organized neatly.  Additionally, it’s perfect for those on-the-go, as the notebook is always in airplane mode so you can use it anywhere even if other devices need to be turned off.

Placing inside a microwave can wipe the pages clean. Note that this only works with the Rocketbook Wave.

Smart Notebook

Notebook opened up

smart notebook

scan from notebook

Smart Notebook

Seven symbols that direct each page to the Cloud

Smart Notebook

Children’s Smart Notebook

What we think about this Smart Notebook:

Standard notebooks take up space. After writing in a standard notebook with a pen, that particular page can never be used again. That means that one needs to continuously buy more notebooks. It is also difficult to find useful information as you need to scan through multiple pages to find what you are looking for. A smart notebook makes a lot of sense because you can save space and quickly find important information. Additionally, it’s very helpful to be able to share notes between students. A student no longer needs to copy word by word as they can now send a simple scan.

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