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Universal mobile phone stand can be shaped and used in a multiple of settings

This universal mobile phone stand can be used in multiple settings depending on how you want to shape it. To order from Amazon:

More information about the universal mobile phone stand:

No longer experience hand pain from holding your phone with this universal mobile phone stand. Use it virtually anywhere as you can tuck it under the mattress or the headboard of a bed,  sit it up on your desk or chair or strap it around your neck. It’s perfect for traveling, as it can also be strapped around your steering wheel in the car or wrap it around your bike’s handlebars as a bike stand. It can also be used as a selfie stand or recording your own videos outside.

The phone case works well with all sizes of phones. These phones can range from 2.2 inches (minimum) to 3.34 inches (maximum). With this range, for example, it could easily hold an iPhone 8 plus with a case. The holder also has 360 degrees of rotation, thus one is free to adjust any angle as you like for convenient reviewing. The holder is magnetically connected which allows it to easily be removed so those with with bigger chests and stomachs will be able to use it.  

The flexibility of the phone stand allows one to bend it into any shape. Use it virtually anywhere. When not using it, it can coil up for easy storage. This makes it perfect to bring while traveling. It’s also made of tough 70% aluminium magnesium alloy which  makes it a sturdy arm stand with no shake unlike other similar products that are cheaply made of plastic. 

universal mobile phone stand

home use

universal mobile phone stand

outdoor use

universal mobile phone stand


universal mobile phone stand


What we think about this universal mobile phone stand:

Holding a phone to watch a video, using facetime, gaming, reading or cooking can be tiresome. Often times, many people hold their phones low which creates tension in the neck. Having a stand that one can form into any shape and place virtually anywhere makes using your phone much more enjoyable. Because it’s durable and doesn’t shake, it can be used as a selfie stick. So, no need to take extra selfie sticks while on the go. Additionally, phones can give off radiation. It’s very important for ones health to try and keep phones or any smart devices at a distance from the body. So, having a stand that keeps the phone at a safe distance seems like a fantastic feature especially for health conscience individuals.

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