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Top Ten Electronic Inventions that will make your life easier

Our top ten electronic inventions:

Here are our top ten electronic inventions. All ten inventions are useful for everyday needs and will definitely enhance anyones life, regardless of age or gender. You will see some of the most practical inventions such as the green glob cleaner that leaves all your hard-to-clean electronics spotless. Additionally, discover a very cool invention using the latest bone conduction technology such as the open ear wireless headphones. All inventions definitely solve a problem that most experience in their everyday lives. For instance, how many times have we needed new batteries for one of our electronics but couldn’t find new batteries or didn’t have a charger on hand? With the rechargeable batteries that use a USB charger, you can practically charge your batteries anywhere. With all the many things to think about in ones life, it’s nice to know finding the right batteries will not be on the list.

Enjoy our top ten electronics video and remember, all inventions are sold on Amazon with excellent reviews. Please use our link if you would like to order anything as it will support our videos.

Inventions with links to Amazon:

#10: The Glob Cleaner. To order from Amazon:

Electronic cleaner

Cleaning your electronics

#9: The Smart Key Chain. To order from Amazon:

smart key chain


#8: The Universal Mobile Phone Stand. To order from Amazon:

universal mobile phone stand

universal mobile phone stand uses

#7:  The Precise Color Matcher: To order from Amazon:

The color muse

obtaining color from fabric with the color matcher

#6: The Handheld Digital Scanner. To order from Amazon:

pen scanner

collecting data from text with digital scanner

#5: The Slide and Film to Digital Image Converter: To order from Amazon: slide and film converter

4: The rechargeable USB port Batteries: To order from Amazon:

rechargeable USB batteries

rechargeable USB batteries

#3: The Bed Temperature Controller: To order from Amazon:

the temperature bed controller

the temperature bed controller

#2: The Smart Notebook. To order from Amazon:

the smart notebook

the smart notebook pages

#1: The Open Ear Wireless Headphones. To order from Amazon:

open ear wireless headphones

open ear wireless headphones


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