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Convert Old Slides and Films to Digital Images with this Digital Film Scanner

Convert old slides and films to JPEG format with this easy to use digital film scanner. To order from Amazon:

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Do you have precious memories stored in old slides and films? Now one can experience these memories again without a pricy cost of conversion to digital images. With this Digital Film Scanner from Kodak, reliving the past is super easy. Simply scan, save and share. This versatile film-to-JPEG converter digitizes and optimizes films including 35mm,

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Forpheus the Ping Pong Robot Will Win Every Time

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This Ping-Pong robot is practically impossible to beat. Omron’s goal for designing the Forpheus was to improve the relationship between machines and
humans through ping pong rallies. Forpheus has state-of-the-art technology that embodies the world of “harmony” where machines can help bring out human ability. A new toss function was also added that assists the robot to help build trust and unity with its opponents.

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Transform your Smartphone into a Telescope and much more with this Cool Optics Adapter

Connect your smartphone to various optics such as binoculars, spotting scopes, telescopes, microscopes and more. To order from Amazon:
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The HookUpz 2.0 from Carson is a universal smartphone digiscoping optics adapter which gives users the ability to connect smartphones or phablets to many different optics. After the adapter is attached, use the built-in camera applications to take pictures and videos through the eyes of the optics.

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Rechargeable USB AA Batteries with 500x life

Take a look at these innovative Rechargeable USB AA Batteries that can be charged in about two hours using any USB port. To order from Amazon:

Why we think Rechargeable USB AA batteries are cool:

For starters, you no longer need to waste money on disposable AA batteries. These rechargeable USB AA batteries are far superior to any other rechargeable batteries as they do not require a special dock to recharge…

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