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Rechargeable USB AA Batteries with 500x life

Take a look at these innovative Rechargeable USB AA Batteries that can be charged in about two hours using any USB port. To order from Amazon:

Why we think Rechargeable USB AA batteries are cool:

For starters, you no longer need to waste money on disposable AA batteries. These rechargeable USB AA batteries are far superior to any other rechargeable batteries as they do not require a special dock to recharge… you can simply insert them in any USB port and get a fresh charge quickly – everyone has a USB port!! Lastly, the Rechargeable USB AA batteries batteries are made from high quality cells that outlast most other rechargeable batteries on the market in both power (1040 mAh) and durability (up to 500 uses).

Rechargeable USB AA batteries in action:
Rechargeable USB AA Batteries charging in a Laptop USB port
Comparison between ECO usbcell to NiMH cells

More info from the inventors who created these Rechargeable USB AA batteries:
The ECO USB Cell batteries are the most sophisticated rechargeable batteries available today. With a 1.5V, you can expect maximum performance, which is perfect for high-drain applications such as games, controllers and toys. No longer throw out thousands of traditional single-use alkaline batteries again as these batteries can Charge up to 500 times.

About the inventors:
The rechargeable USB Batteries was designed and created by a company called Pilot. They were founded in 1984, Pilot is best known for bringing to market unique and innovative products. Their headquarters in the City of Industry, California, is home to their in-house design and marketing team, R&D and engineering team, category management experts, and merchandising team. With a goal to not only meet customer expectations but to exceed them, Pilot is committed to delivering great products. So far, they have received multiple award for their innovations, including an award from CES for Rechargeable USB AA batteries.

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