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Forpheus the Ping Pong Robot Will Win Every Time

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More information about the Forpheus
This Ping-Pong robot is practically impossible to beat. Omron’s goal for designing the Forpheus was to improve the relationship between machines and
humans through ping pong rallies. Forpheus has state-of-the-art technology that embodies the world of “harmony” where machines can help bring out human ability. A new toss function was also added that assists the robot to help build trust and unity with its opponents. to copy a human visual system, there are two cameras mounted on the left and right that allows it to identify ping-pong balls in a 3D space. The  third central camera evaluates the player and, based on their movements, judge their ability to play the game. The ball’s location is detected up to 80 times per second. One of the coolest features of Forpheus is that through the robot’s AI, it is able to predict from the movements of its opponent the type of shot they plan to play. That means that it can predict when a smash hit is about to occur and prepare for it.

What we think about the Forpheus:

Although many like to speculate regarding whether robot’s will take over the world, Forpheus was designed to show a much happier side to robots and their capabilities. It is true that Forpheus is better than any human as it’s practically impossible to beat and through AI, it can even learn and predict the opponents next move. Many could be scared by this power, but Omron’s intention for building a robot that plays ping pong was to show how robots and humans can in fact get a long. Omron’s main focus in creating this robot was to work in harmony with humans and it even encourages the human while playing. In fact, the human may be the dangerous one here as one may find themselves furious by the fact that they cannot win this robot at ping pong!

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