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Open Ear Wireless Headphones allow you to Listen to Music and the World

Listen to music while being aware of your surroundings with these open ear wireless headphones.  To order from Amazon:

More information about the open ear wireless headphones:

These flexible yet durable wireless stereo headphones are the safest alternative to standard sport headphones and earbuds. With the use of bone conduction technology, one is able to listen to their music while being aware of the world around them due to an open ear design. Additionally, there are a suite of convenient features such as wireless bluetooth connectivity that allows one to make crystal clear calls from their phone, provides premium pitch and dynamic sounds with a truly powerful bass, and allows one to use it for 6 hours with complete inline controls. Designed with athletes in mind, it’s secure, sweatproof, comfortable, lightweight and easy to wear for a long time as it doesn’t create sore ears like standard earbuds often do.

Open Ear Wireless Headphones

how the headphones fit

Open Ear Wireless Headphones

diagram of how the sound travels with bone conduction technology

Open Ear Wireless Headphones

features of the headphones

What we think about the open ear wireless headphones:

By far one of the coolest inventions out there. These open ear headphones definitely solve a lot of typical problems most people have with standard headphones and earbuds. It has an open ear design, which allows you to listen to music and know what is happening around you. This means that you can enjoy whatever you are listening all while driving in the car or riding a bike! Most earphones and earbuds can often hurt your ears if used for an extended period of time. Not placing the earpiece directly in your ear solves this problem. The best part is that the sound and bass is not lost. These open ear headphones provide the same quality of sound as typical earphones and earbuds. Now that sounds like an awesome way to listen to your music!

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