The Zapata Flyride Watercraft is Easier Than Riding a Bike

The Zapata Flyride watercraft is considered easier than riding a bike. Sensors and electronics help make continuous micro-adjustments to keep the watercraft steady. It’s considered so easy that even a child as young as five years old can ride it!

More Information about the Zapata Flyride:

The Zapata Flyride is designed to make hydroflight accessible for beginners and also offer new adventures for more advanced riders. It combines the familiar form and controls of a personal watercraft with the latest advancements in computer aided flight control and gyro stabilization.

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The Giant Bean Bag that Transforms into a Chair, Recliner, Couch, Bed and more…

This Giant Bean Bag not only forms to your body, it is versatile as it’s perfect as a chair, recliner, couch or even a bed. To order from Amazon:

More information about the Giant Bean Bag:
This comfortable Giant Bean Bag can be used in many different ways. Perfect as a chair for those who love gaming or reading while sitting. It is can be converted into a recliner to relax back so one can feel as if they are floating in front of the TV.

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Easily Step into this Hands-free Reusable Shoe Cover

More information about the hands-free reusable shoe cover:
Step In Sock is a hands-free reusable shoe cover that automatically holds on to your shoe. Because it is easy to put on and take off, the shoe cover is perfect for workers that may need to enter a house multiple times and need a quick and easy solution to protect the floors from mud and dirt.

What we think about this hands-free reusable shoe cover:

Not having to bend over to pull a cover over your shoes is definitely a selling point.

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Be Productive at Work or Enjoy a Hobby with this Exercise Desk Bike

No longer make excuses to not exercise when you have this exercise desk bike. To order from Amazon:

More information about the exercise desk bike:

Keep in shape while either being productive at work or enjoying a hobby with an exercise desk bike. The adjustable desk for this bike provides space to either read, use your tablet or make a puzzle. Depending on ones fitness level, the resistance can be changed to either be more or less intense.

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Relax with this Automatic Massage Robot that Strolls Over your Body

Enjoy some relaxation from this automatic massage robot. To order from Amazon:

More Information about the automatic massage robot:

Did you have a hard day? Enjoy a relaxing massage with this little massage robot. Simply place the robot down on your back and enjoy pleasant relaxation for hours. As it moves, the robot’s patented technology provides you with a soft vibration massage with its silicon massage wheels.

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