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The Zapata Flyride Watercraft is Easier Than Riding a Bike

The Zapata Flyride watercraft is considered easier than riding a bike. Sensors and electronics help make continuous micro-adjustments to keep the watercraft steady. It’s considered so easy that even a child as young as five years old can ride it!

More Information about the Zapata Flyride:

The Zapata Flyride is designed to make hydroflight accessible for beginners and also offer new adventures for more advanced riders. It combines the familiar form and controls of a personal watercraft with the latest advancements in computer aided flight control and gyro stabilization. It is perfect for beginners and for those who want to fly with their friends. Flyride is even easier than riding a bike because the rider doesn’t have to maintain the balance. Anyone can do it…even as young as a five year old. The internal sensors and electronics make continuous micro-adjustments to ensure that the Flyride is always level and steady, regardless if the rider shifts his/her weight. Bring a friend with you as it supports two riders as long as the weight is below 440 lb. Unlike other hydroflyers, riders can choose to launch or land onto a beach or ocean level dock. And to keep things fun and interesting, an automated barrel roll stunt maneuver is available at the push of a button.

zapata flyride

the stunt maneuver

zapata flyride

child riding the flyride

zapata flyride

two riders

What we think about the Zapata Flyride:

According to the inventors, a child as young as five years old is able to ride the Flyride. Five years old seems a bit young to fly over water at a fast pace. However, Zapata is proving the point that the Flyride is a very safe flight that requires no balance and coordination from the rider and all one needs to do is sit and hold on. The Flyride definitely seems like a fantastic way to enjoy the outdoors with friends as it is able to hold two riders as long as it’s under 440 lb. The Zapata Flyride is perfect for those who don’t want to get wet as it launches and lands from the beach or dock. As long as everyone is holding on, the stunt maneuver sounds absolutely thrilling. Yikes, a five year old pressing the stunt maneuver sounds a bit scary. There seems to be no indication of a child protection lock. If children are allowed on, there should probably be some safety measure.

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