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Easily Step into this Hands-free Reusable Shoe Cover

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More information about the hands-free reusable shoe cover:
Step In Sock is a hands-free reusable shoe cover that automatically holds on to your shoe. Because it is easy to put on and take off, the shoe cover is perfect for workers that may need to enter a house multiple times and need a quick and easy solution to protect the floors from mud and dirt.

What we think about this hands-free reusable shoe cover:

Not having to bend over to pull a cover over your shoes is definitely a selling point. Just open it up, and step into it and the shoe cover will snap around your shoe perfectly.  It can get tiresome to constantly bend over to put on and take off your shoe cover, so this shoe cover is perfect for construction workers, plumbers, realtors or anyone who needs to enter/exit a home constantly.  to constantly. The best part is that the shoe cover fits all sizes, even up to mens 13 as the dimension are 17 inches long by 12 inches wide. It’s eco as it’s reusable and one does not need to throw out tons of disposable plastic covers.

More about the company:

The Step in Sock company started from the ground up. They believe in hard work and enjoy helping better the lives of other people. The company also look for solutions to service industries as well. The name Step in Sock is exactly how the name describes it as it’s the easiest way to step into ones shoe cover and it immediately holds onto your shoe. This helps ease up the lives of others in every day work or for those who want to  protect their athletic footwear.

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