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The Giant Bean Bag that Transforms into a Chair, Recliner, Couch, Bed and more…

This Giant Bean Bag not only forms to your body, it is versatile as it’s perfect as a chair, recliner, couch or even a bed. To order from Amazon:

More information about the Giant Bean Bag:
This comfortable Giant Bean Bag can be used in many different ways. Perfect as a chair for those who love gaming or reading while sitting. It is can be converted into a recliner to relax back so one can feel as if they are floating in front of the TV. Having guests over? The bean bag converts into a bed and is much more comfortable than typical air mattresses. Finally, it makes a great couch as up to four people can share the Max at one time. Even though it holds multiple people, it weighs less than 20 pounds and only takes up 4 sq. feet of space standing up. That means that it is easy to move and put away when you don’t need it. The bean bag conforms to your body and gives even support, which makes it perfect for pregnant women or people with back issues. Easily machine washable and is super durable.


What we think about this Giant Bean Bag:

A Giant Bean Bag that transforms into various lounging positions sounds really cool. It not only is comfortable and gives a buoyant feeling while on it, the bean bag can also stand up and neatly be stored without taking up much space. If you are hosting a party with a lot of friends in a home with not a lot of space, it is easy to arrange these from the minimal space-taking storage position to a comfortable couch/seat for multiple people. Pregnant women can often find it difficult to figure out the best seating position and many complain of back issues. The bean bags comfortable even support takes pressure off the back making it perfect for pregnant women or anyone with back problems.

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