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Relax with this Automatic Massage Robot that Strolls Over your Body

Enjoy some relaxation from this automatic massage robot. To order from Amazon:

More Information about the automatic massage robot:

Did you have a hard day? Enjoy a relaxing massage with this little massage robot. Simply place the robot down on your back and enjoy pleasant relaxation for hours. As it moves, the robot’s patented technology provides you with a soft vibration massage with its silicon massage wheels.
How is it unique? As the robot autonomously strolls over your body, it activates the nervous system through touch, vibration and caress action to stimulate the nerve endings in the skin. These actions stimulate the body to increase the secretion of natural endorphins, thus helping your muscles relax and eliminating the harmful effects of physical and mental stress. When you are finished with the massage, simply lift your body up and the robot will conveniently come to your shoulder.

What we think about this automatic massage robot:

This automatic massage robot is rather cute and also effective. To ask others to constantly massage you could be difficult. That is why having a robot that could massage you as long as you want makes a lot of sense. The little robot autonomously strolls over your body, so you can just relax and not have to constantly give orders. As it moves, it stimulates nerve endings in the skin which helps with relaxation. Since it’s small, you can pack it in your bag and take it anywhere. So you can enjoy a relaxing massage no matter where you are, whether you are at work or on vacation.

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