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Touchless stationary vacuum will collect all the dirt and debris from your floor

This touchless stationary vacuum will save your back as you will no longer have to pick up a dustpan. To order from Amazon:

More information about this touchless stationary vacuum:

This touchless stationary vacuum cleaner is an automatic machine that works using infrared sensors to collect dirt, dust and hair automatically. Originally designed for commercial use in hair salons, it is now seen in industries such as boutiques,

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Smart Notebook Connects to an App and stores useful information

Now you can throw away all your useless notebooks that just take up space when you can have just one Smart notebook that neatly stores and organizes all the useful information. To order from Amazon:

More info about this Smart Notebook:

This smart notebook provides the classic pen and paper experience but designed for the digital age. After taking notes or drawing a picture, all one needs to do is mark a symbol and scan that page using the App.

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Open Ear Wireless Headphones allow you to Listen to Music and the World

Listen to music while being aware of your surroundings with these open ear wireless headphones.  To order from Amazon:

More information about the open ear wireless headphones:

These flexible yet durable wireless stereo headphones are the safest alternative to standard sport headphones and earbuds. With the use of bone conduction technology, one is able to listen to their music while being aware of the world around them due to an open ear design.

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Silicone Toiletry Holder Organizes all Your Small Bathroom Essentials

This silicone toiletry holder organizes important bathroom items such as your toothbrush, toothpaste, rings and shaver. To order from Amazon:

More information about this silicone toiletry holder:

This silicone holder actually sticks to the surface because it doesn’t use suction cups and adhesives that often fall off. Additionally, it doesn’t use permanent mounts that cannot be removed and prevent one from transferring it around the bathroom. The holder is perfect for storing small bathroom essentials,

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Hoist Ladder Can Prevent Work Related Injuries

Not only will this quiet hoist ladder effectively lift objects, it can also prevent work related injuries due to falling from ladders. To order a similar product from Amazon:

More information about this hoist ladder:

The safety hoist ladder moves materials more simply and safely as it protects workers from potential injury. It’s a perfect reliable tool for moving heavy and unstable objects. The ladder can prevent work related injuries due to workers manually carrying materials that tend to be too heavy or bulky. 

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