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Touchless stationary vacuum will collect all the dirt and debris from your floor

This touchless stationary vacuum will save your back as you will no longer have to pick up a dustpan. To order from Amazon:

More information about this touchless stationary vacuum:

This touchless stationary vacuum cleaner is an automatic machine that works using infrared sensors to collect dirt, dust and hair automatically. Originally designed for commercial use in hair salons, it is now seen in industries such as boutiques, hospitality, kitchens and small businesses. Homeowners are now buying this vacuum as it’s perfect for those with mobility issues or for the elderly who can not bend over. The touchless stationary vacuum will make cleaning life much more enjoyable as one can avoid the laborious task of bending over to collect all the debris. It has a built in HEPA filtration that collects 100% of the dust, dirt and debris and suctions it into a dump canister. The vacuum is “always on” and automatically activates once in reach of debris. When the status indicator lights up “red”, the canister is full and ready to be emptied.

touchless stationary vacuum


touchless stationary vacuum

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What we think about the touchless stationary vacuum:

Cleaning can be tough on the body, especially the back. Sweeping in particular requires one to constantly lower down to the floor to lift up the dustpan and place it in the trash. This can be very difficult for those with any type of injury or for the elderly. With a touchless stationary vacuum, one can simply sweep all the dirt and debris up to the vacuum. Within seconds, it will sense the dirt and turn on. The vacuum is perfect for places that collect a lot of hair, such as hair salons. Living with children and pets will require a lot of cleaning. Fur from dogs shedding and spilled food from children can make sweeping an endless chore. Having this vacuum will save time and physical strain on the body.

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