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This retractable pacifier will never let germs touch the tip

No longer stress out when your baby’s pacifier touches the ground as you will not have to take countless trips to the sink. This pacifier automatically retracts in when baby spits it out. To order from Amazon:

More about the retractable pacifier:

This retractable  pacifier couldn’t be easier to clean. The design includes a nipple that will pop into its built-in bubble when the baby spits it out. That means that the pacifier has already retracted inward before it touches the ground so the 5 second germ rule wouldn’t even apply. Other pacifiers keep the nipple exposed outward so basically anything can touch it, including your pets. No germs will ever touch the nipple of the retractable pacifier because it’s made to pop the silicone nipple back into the bubble once removed from the mouth. Only while the baby is sucking on the nipple, it will stay extended, no matter if your baby takes a break.  So if your baby decides he/she has had enough of the pacifier and drops it on the floor, there is no need to freak out. When your baby is ready to use it again, you can simply pick it up and pop it back into your baby’s mouth. Made of silicone that is BPA and PVC free and is top rack dishwasher safe.

What we think about the retractable pacifier:

This baby invention really caught our eyes. How annoying is it for most parents who already have a million things to look after to also have to go back and forth to wash their baby’s pacifier. Think of all the time saved if parents could simply just pick up the pacifier and pop it back into their child’s mouth. Additionally, Let’s say your baby is sucking on a pacifier, accidentally drops it, and then starts crying for it again. As a parent, how frustrating is it to have to hear your baby screaming while you run to the sink to wash the pacifier. Now parents can keep not only their kids happy, but also themselves as well.

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