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This peanut or gluten food tester will ensure you will never eat these products

Leave out the guess work whether a food contains either peanut or gluten with this food tester.

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More information about the Peanut or gluten food tester:

The peanut or gluten food tester will allow you to dine out more, travel without fear of what you might eat, and double- check a packaged food. It has been proven by MIT scientists as a fast-acting chemistry engineered product that identifies any gluten or peanuts in your food. It’s easy to use and produces fast results. Place a small amount of food into a test capsule, put the capsule in the sensor, and push start. The sensor displays your result in 2-3 minutes. It works with any food, whether it’s liquid, solid, restaurant food, or a packaged food. Now you can enjoy your meal without worrying whether your food contains ingredients you cannot eat.

It’s small and portable so you are able to fit it in your palm, jeans pocket, or purse. This allows you to take it anywhere, whether it’s a restaurant, while traveling, or at home.

With the free app,  you will be able to share your test result to help others in the community as well as discover already tested restaurants nearby.

peanut or gluten food tester

food tester

peanut or gluten food tester

food tester with capsule and app

peanut or gluten food tester

testing a food

What we think about the peanut or gluten food tester:

This peanut or gluten food tester is for sure a revolutionary concept. For those with peanut allergies or celiac disease, eating unknown foods with no labels can be scary. It’s also not convenient to ask others who may not even know or forget if a food has gluten or peanuts. Having this food tester changes everything. Simply place a small piece of desired food inside and 2-3 minutes later have your result. No more guessing. And because it’s small and compact, you can take it anywhere. Now you can finally enjoy the foods you may have avoided in the past due to uncertainty.

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