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Attachable wheelchair motor handcycle will speed up your travels

Transform your ordinary wheelchair into a speed machine with this attachable wheelchair motor handcycle. To order from Amazon:

More about the attachable wheelchair motor handcycle:

This attachable wheelchair motor handcycle converts your manual wheelchair into a 12 mph speed machine! With the high-capacity battery, one is able to travel much further and faster than they would have. With a fully charged battery, one is able to travel over 15 real-world miles (24 km). The powerful yet quiet hub motor allows you to climb hills with ease.

With the handcycle attachment, one doesn’t have to wheel themselves around so it takes a lot of stress of the shoulders. Also, the 12″ front tire helps avoid obstacles with ease as it has a tight turning radius. Whether one is riding over a side slope or navigating a sidewalk, the handcycle is easy to control and has improved stability against tipping forward or backwards. It only takes four steps to easily snap on and off with a quick-release ball and socket design. The handcycle is fully adjustable to fit adult and pediatric wheelchairs.


  • 220W brushless hub motor with adjustable top speed (6-12 mph/9.6-19 kph)
  • 36V Lithium polymer battery
  • LED headlight
  • twist throttle
  • speedometer and odometer
  • bell, safety flag, battery life indicator, and optional basket
  • 12″ tire
  • Total weight: 33lb (15kg) with battery
  • reverse switch
attachable wheelchair motor handcycle


attachable wheelchair motor handcycle

riding the wheelchair with the attachable handcycle

attachable wheelchair motor handcycle

assembling parts

What we think about the attachable wheelchair motor handcycle:

Those who need to be in a wheelchair can find it difficult while being out. Wheelchairs typically require physical strength to move the wheels with the arms. This can be tiring and just not practical. Additionally, it can take forever to try and get around. Having another person push the wheelchair is not always a possibility as well. Therefore, having this attachable wheelchair motor handcycle makes a lot of sense. First, one doesn’t require the assistance of a pusher. Second, there is no need to tire oneself out by pushing with the arms. Lastly, the handcycle travels up to 12 mph. This means that one can get to their destination faster.

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