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Super duty safety gloves can withstand anything

These super duty safety gloves can withstand anything as it’s fireproof, waterproof, cut protection and impact resistance without sacrificing the the dexterity.

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Designed by a firefighter, these super duty safety gloves are designed to keep ones hands injury-free so that one can keep working. Oftentimes, firefighters or anyone working with dangerous material need to be able to protect themselves but can’t give up the dexterity. These gloves provide the dexterity as well as the protection. They protect against cutting hazards, fire hazards, crush hazards and toxic chemicals. They are waterproof so one doesn’t have to worry about exposing their hands to blood, bodily fluids and hazardous materials.

If your hands are out of service, then you are out of service and can’t perform any tasks. That is why these gloves are so beneficial as they give you the ability to function accurately and appropriately as well as prevent harm from reaching your hands. These gloves will prevent any knife, sharp glass, or jagged metal to get through and can withstand the direct contact of fire.

Super duty safety gloves

fire can’t get through

Super duty safety gloves

knife will not pierce through

Super duty safety gloves

Super duty safety glove

What we think about these super duty safety gloves:

For those in the work field that come in contact with dangerous material, these gloves seem like a must to own. Similar products might provide the dexterity but not the protection. Others will protect your hands but provide little movement. Firefighters need their hands to hold hoses or pick up those in need. They need the movement for the fingers to grab, lift and carry. At the same time, they also need to know that their hands are protected from dangerous material like glass, fire, and sharp metal. These gloves seem to provide the dexterity as well as the protection.

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