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Squeegee broom cleans both dry and wet messes

Don’t worry about wet messes from spilled cereal or fall eggs with this squeegee broom. To order from Amazon:

More about the Squeegee Broom:

Not only can this squeegee broom clean up dry messes, it can also clean up wet nasty messes as well. Whether it’s spilled cereal, dropped eggs, dumped spaghetti, or a shattered glass container, this broom is a pro. Instead of using two separate tools to clean up a mess, this broom includes both a broom and a squeegee. It’s easy to use. Simply rotate the head to eight different positions for wet or dry cleanup.

Instead of using countless paper towels to clean up spilled baby food, yogurt, or soup, use the squeegee broom instead and save time. Additionally, there will be no need to go back and forth from your sink with a nasty rag. Best of all, your hands will stay clean as food will never touch your hands. To clean, a quick rinse in the sink is all you need. The broom can easily be stowed as it can fit in tight places such as under the sink.

squeegee broom

cleaning spilled yogurt

squeegee broom

cleaning spilled cereal

squeegee broom

rotating head

What we think about the squeegee broom:

For those who have difficulty bending over to clean up a mess, especially if it’s a nasty wet mess, this squeegee broom seems like the perfect solution. With a quick rotation of the head, you can transform your ordinary broom into a squeegee for wet messes. That means that you can save money on countless paper towels that would be needed to clean up a wet mess, such as spilled yogurt, soggy pasta, or cereal. Definitely a fantastic design to save you time as one doesn’t have find multiple cleaning tools for one mess.

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