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Solar Powered Pool Robot will clean the top of your pool automatically

No longer hand skim your pool as this solar powered pool robot uses energy from the sun to clean dirt. To order similar products from Amazon:

More information about this solar powered robot:

This solar powered pool robot is helping those who own pools save time, energy and money. Unlike other similar products on the market, this pool robot automatically roams around trying to clear out the top.

It takes up to three hours before material that was once floating on the top of the pool to sink to the bottom. Most other products focus solely on clearing the bottom of the pool after the organic material, debris and dust have already settled. Clearing the debris from the surface would prevent less material from collecting at the bottom. This would save you time and money as your cleaning system for the bottom of the pool wouldn’t have to run as often.

Additionally, clearing the top of the pool would prevent bacteria from growing as the organic material would be cleared and wouldn’t have a chance to decay in the sunlight.

As the robot roams around the pool, it picks up 90-95% of all debris, such as leaves, pollen, dust and even suntan oils from the top of the pool. The best part is that is doesn’t require electricity that costs you money as it is powered by free energy from the sunlight.

Simple to use as no hoses or attachments are required. All one needs to do is turn on the robot and it will it will automatically clear out debris. It includes a rechargeable Lithium Ion battery that charges during the daytime while under the sunlight. After sundown, the unit will operate for several hours using the power from the battery that had been charged earlier that day.

solar powered pool robot

The robot in the water

Solar powered pool robot

Leaves and dirt collected

What we think about the solar powered pool robot:

Having a pool can be very costly. Any pool owner would agree that a pool requires high maintenance which is not cheap. This solar powered pool robot seems as if it will save you time and money.  Due to the sunlight as the energy source, the robot would work best if the pool directly faces the sun. If this is the case, the robot will work perfectly as it automatically roams your pool. Now one can enjoy more time swimming and less time fussing over all the leaves to clean.

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