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Salt bug gun will effectively terminate your pesky bugs

Finally take down those pesky bugs with this salt bug gun that requires no batteries and is non-toxic. To order from Amazon:

More about the salt bug gun:

No longer run around your home with a fly swatter when you have this salt bug gun. The salt bug gun is not only more accurate in hitting the bug, it’s also more fun to use. Using ordinary table salt as lethal projectile, the bug can be hit from an accuracy range of within three feet. The fantastic design mimics a shotgun, which definitely makes a disgusting chore to remove bugs much more enjoyable. Can reach flies on windows and bugs on ceilings or in corners. No batteries are required and it’s non-toxic as it’s just salt. Inexpensive and simple to use. Clean up is very easy as bugs stay whole when hit. Terminates all types of bugs such as flies, mosquitoes, roaches, cabbage worms and more.

The salt bug gun is for adults only and one must be 18 years old and older to use. Finally say goodbye to insect intruders.  A 90 day warranty is given when one can show a proof of purchase.

salt bug gun

reloading gun with salt

salt bug gun

aiming at a fly


What we think about the salt bug gun:

Are you annoyed when those pesky bugs end up on all your food? With the salt bug gun, the occasion can actually be quite entertaining. As soon as you see a bug, load up your gun with simple table salt, pull the lever, and shoot. It’s so easy to use and quite cheap as well. Ammunition is just salt…and not that much of it either. Simply take a pinch of salt, fill the loader cap, slide the cocking handle, release auto-safety, and aim at target.  and you are good to go. The loader cap holds about 80 shots so you have plenty of opportunities to fire at your target.

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