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Robotic Kitchen can cook you anything and even clean up

Check out this robotic kitchen that can cook anything you want! And, the robot even cleans up and washes the dishes as well!

More Information about the robotic kitchen:

Moley has designed the first robotic kitchen. It features a fully functional robot that is integrated into a beautiful and well designed kitchen. Choose your favorite meals and it can make it, not matter what it is. It will be the best chef you could ever hire. So now you no longer need to spend countless hours cooking in the kitchen. The best part is that this robot can cook healthy meals that would otherwise take time to cook. This can help keep busy people healthy who wouldn’t have the time to cook healthy food for themselves.

In 2018 the consumer version for the robotic kitchen will be launched by Moley. It will include four key integrated kitchen items of robotic arms, oven, hob, and touchscreen. It will be operated by its touch screen or remotely via a smartphone. That means that you can order what you want to eat for dinner while you are still at work and your meal will be waiting for you all ready to eat when you get home. It is both sophisticated and compact and is already being discussed of its future use in the restaurant industry, airlines, kitchen developers and even chef training schools.


robotic kitchen

grasping motion

robotic kitchen

cleaning dishes

robotic kitchen

cooking pasta

What we think about the robotic kitchen:

Not having to cook and clean sounds like a dream! Life can get busy and many people today rely on foods that may taste good but are loaded with preservatives that most people cannot pronounce and have no idea what it is. Fast food may be convenient for our lifestyle but not for our bodies. Now imagine not having to worry about tiresome cooking/cleaning. With this robotic kitchen, you can come home from a busy day at work and walk into a delicious smelling home with healthy food. Now that is something to look forward to in the near future!

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