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Enjoy the Best Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Make the best grilled cheese or whatever your favorite sandwich is with this unique toaster. To order from Amazon:

What the inventors say about the Grilled Cheese Sandwich Toaster:
The Grilled Cheese Sandwich Toaster makes two perfectly toasted, hot and melty cheese sandwiches in just minutes. Includes a control panel where you can adjust to your preferred browning level for a perfect grilled cheese. Control panel allows you to cancel, preheat and defrost. Also included are two removable toasting baskets that cradle and hold your cheese sandwiches in place while cooking. The drip tray catches the melted cheese and easy to cleanup after.

What we think about the Grilled Cheese Sandwich Toaster:
Imagine eating a perfectly toasted grilled cheese sandwich every time…yummy! The Grilled Cheese Sandwich Toaster has a unique design. The removable toasting baskets hold the slices of bread perfectly together and conveniently allows you to lift up the grilled cheese sandwich afterwards. It also seems as if cleanup is quick and easy as the leftover melted cheese is caught by the drip tray which is easy to clean.

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