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On-the-go eye mask pillow will allow you to nap wherever you are

This on-the-go eye mask pillow will allow you to find sleep no matter where you are. It’s convenient and comfortable to use and easy to travel with. To order from Amazon:

More about the on-the-go eye mask pillow:

The on-the-go eye mask pillow is a travelers best friend. It’s perfect for those on-the-go who need to take a nap regardless of their location. It’s comfortable and stylish to wear and simple to use. To put on, simply slide it over your eyes to block out the light while resting your head. The pillow is allergy-proof, light weight and handmade.  It’s also  100% Reversible, cozy and uncompromisingly comfortable. Made of high quality eiderdown cotton and a second generation of coated microbead filling. This material makes it the perfect environment to relax in. Whether one lives in a cold climate or works in a drafty air conditioned room, the pillow can be worn around the neck as a scarf to keep one warm and cozy. Its unique design lends itself to be portable, comfortable, and totally adjustable.

on-the-go eye mask pillow

wearing the pillow around the neck

on-the-go eye mask pillow

various ways to wear the pillow

What we think about the on-the-go eye mask pillow:

Traveling can often be difficult, especially when one feels tired. A lack of sleep can effect mood and decision making. Having the ability to take naps wherever and whenever is so important for ones overall wellness. Unlike other travel pillows, the on-the-go eye mask pillow is both a pillow and and an eye mask. It covers the eyes from light and makes it comfortable and convenient to lay ones head anywhere.  The on-the-go eye mask pillow is flexible so it can easily be rolled up and packed away in your suitcase. Many choose to wear it around their neck as well.

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