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Never Eat Soggy Cereal Again with this Spiral Cereal Bowl

This unique spiral cereal bowl will allow you to leave your cereal and milk sitting and you will not find it soggy when you return. To order from Amazon:

More information about the spiral cereal bowl:
This unique and easy to use bowl should be used for all who love to eat cereal. Inspired by a playground slide, the patented Spiral Slide Design changed the mundane cereal bowl into an everyday kitchen sensation. A built-in grip makes it easy to hold for all ages, especially children. Take your time eating as every bite will be as crispy as the first bite. It will also let you save money by not wasting soggy cereal. The milk section is also made with deeper sides to prevent spilling. The Bowl is available in a large and medium size. Not a cereal fan? you can also try it with soup and crackers or milk and cookies. It’s unbreakable, made with thick walls of food safe BPA-free polypropylene, and dishwasher/ microwave safe.

What we think about the spiral cereal bowl:

This spiral cereal bowl makes a lot of sense if you are a cereal enthusiast. It can be annoying to rush and finish your cereal before it starts to get soggy. The whole point of eating the cereal is to enjoy it…for as long as you want. This unique cereal bowl really solves the soggy problem. For those with children, it can be entertaining for the kids to slide their cereal down the slide. This can definitely keep them entertained longer, and let’s face it, all parents need their kids to sit still while eating. The two sections of the bowl can also be great for other food combinations, such as chips and salsa, milk and cookies or veggies and dip.

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