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No longer get Burnt with this Splatter Guard

No longer worry about getting splattered by oil while frying your food with this splatter guard. To order from Amazon:

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This BPA-free and FDA compliant high temperature silicone splatter guard completely blocks fine oil while making it easy to fry as if you were cooking in an uncovered pan without the mess. This splatter guard keeps your kitchen and stovetops clean no matter what you are cooking. Much better than other splatter screens that cover the pan completely, it allows steam to come out so searing meats and fish can be cooked to perfection.  You can fry, simmer, or sauté as you would with an open pan and it’s great for deep fried delicacies like fried chicken and latkes. Items that typically fall over the sides, such as sautéing a huge pile of greens will stay neatly inside the pot instead of on your stovetop. The splatter guard is dishwasher safe and folds up into a compact sleeve for storage.

What we think about this invention:

Frying can often be dangerous as scorching oil can splatter on to your skin and it can really hurt. A splatter guard that not only protects you from splattered oil and your countertops from a big mess after cooking is definitely a fantastic feature. But the one aspect that really makes the splatter guard stand out is the unique design. The wide angled sides and the open structure make the cooking surface easy to access.  That means that you don’t have to constantly lift and lower a splatter lid and the wide surface allows you to use your utensils to flip burgers or stir vegetables.

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