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Multi-action broom jet will clean any dirty surface

Make any dirty surface squeaky clean with this multi-action broom jet tool that scrubs and washes at the same time.


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More about the multi-action broom jet:

Clean dirt and debris like never before with this multi-tool broom jet. Just like a broom, one can sweep floors and walls. However, it also shoots jets of water so one can scrub and power wash at the same time. Clean windows, patio, deck, or the garage floor. Winding or unwinding the control screw for each nozzle will control the water flow. If there is dirt that is out of reach, the telescopic pole will extend to clean higher windows or walls. There are also many different ways one can use broom jet. It can also be used as an outdoor broom, squeegee, or a power washer.

The broom jet connects to any standard garden hose, which allows one to use as much water needed for the job. There is an on/off switch on the handle that will allow one to turn the water on or off. It’s a perfect outdoor cleaning device that can be used for cleaning bricks, stone, tile & marble. Different attachments allow one to either use it as a jet stream or as a fan nozzle. The lever can also be used to control the flow of water, so it can be gentle enough to clean your car.

multi-action broom jet

scrubbing and washing the patio

multi-action broom jet

removing dirt from patio

What we think about the multi-action broom jet:

How awesome is it to have a broom and a jet at the same time? It really combines everything that is necessary to clean the dirt/debris from ones home. A standard hose may provide enough water but doesn’t provide the necessary friction needed to scrub dirt. And, a standard broom isn’t good enough on its on as water is required for a much deeper cleaning. However, these two cleaning tools combined are perfect.

A fantastic feature of the multi-action broom jet is that it connects to any standard garden hose. This means you can virtually have an endless supply of water to clean with and it can easily be turned on/off with the switch on the handle.


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