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Leaning suspension quad bike has better control, performance and safety

This leaning suspension quad bike is lighter, faster and safer and definitely a much cooler ride than typical two and four wheeled conventional quad bikes.

More about the leaning suspension quad bike:

Take a the ride of a lifetime on this leaning suspension quad bike. Unlike its conventional two and four wheeler counterparts, this quad bike can adapt to various terrain. It’s capable of 50°+ lean angle which comes in handy while turning. Due to its ability to maintain the the center of gravity, the quad bike is a much safer option as it keeps the rider stable.  Additionally, it’s much easier to steer away form obstacles, smoothly drives through uneven terrain and hillsides and compensates for off center landings. The quad bike is able to increase the stability at faster speeds and maneuvers great under low speed. This makes it perfect for cornering, as the quad easily leans into the turn. The chassis was created from scratch and is the center point of the quad. It leans and tilts based off of the riders movements or the terrain. Intrinsically safe, the quad has an active ‘smart’ system. Essentially, the quad provides all the bonuses of an off-road style bike yet maintains the control required for road racing. 

What we think about the leaning suspension quad bike:

Not only does this quad bike seem like a fun way to travel around, it also seems like a much safer option. Due to the unique design, it’s able to adjust the wheels to the terrain. That means that regardless of the obstacle in your way, the tires will be able to smoothly run over it without you flying off. If you go over a bumpy road or a steep slope, it will absorb the impact so you don’t feel the road. This makes your ride more comfortable, stable and with better control.


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Article by Jeanette Hanuka

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