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This Glob Cleaner will Absorb Dirt, Dust and will Disinfect Your Electronics

This glob cleaner removes and disinfects the dust and dirt in the hardest places to reach such as between the keys of the keyboard, speakers or even in your car . To order from Amazon:

More about this glob cleaner:

The glob cleaner was designed to clean and disinfect the areas unreachable by traditional cleaning products. It’s a unique compound that absorbs dirt and dust and protects one from harmful bacteria whether it’s at home, workplace or while traveling. It eliminates 99.999 percent of germs which prevents harmful fungi and bacteria that are often discovered between computer keys on a keyboard, mobile and fixed phones, digital cameras, printers and photocopiers no chance. The glob cleaner is safe with sensitive electrical components A clean environment will extend the life of your appliances so you will definitely save money long term.

It’s very easy to use as one just needs to press the glob on any surface and pull the dirt off which will effectively eliminate all the disgusting microorganisms living inside the cracks and crevices of your device. It is a perfect combination between viscosity and elasticity and is reusable with just a simple wash. It has been tested in a laboratory and has proved to be non-toxic, reusable and biodegradable.


What we think about this glob cleaner:

When it comes to cleaning ones home, there are certain cleaning items that come to mind such as a mop, paper towels and sponges. However, we don’t often think about cleaning our electronics until we see a pile of dust or old crumbs stuck inside. Trying to get all this out may seem impossible as there is basically no item that can easily get into the small space and clean it perfectly. That is where this glob cleaner comes in handy. Due to its flexibility, it’s able to squish into all the nooks and crannies with leaving any residue and pick up all the dirt and dust.


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