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No longer Fight Over The Blankets when you have this Bed Temperature Controller

Fighting with your partner over the temperature of your bedroom is a thing of the past with this bed temperature controller that cools/heats each side of the bed. To order from Amazon:

More about this bed temperature controller:

Finding the right sleep temperature that everyone will agree on can be difficult because some like it hot and some like it cool.  This bed temperature controller uses advanced technology that sends a gentle and quiet stream of air directly into the bed for a powerful cooling and warming comfort. When turned on, it works quickly within 10 seconds to reach the optimum temperature. This is important because many sleepers may find themselves having night sweats or hot flashes in the middle of the night and need an immediate temperature change. The cooling mode power ventilates the bed, using room temperature air to take out body heat and moisture very quickly. No need to heat your entire house when you can heat just your bed at night. This way you can save money on utilities. Additionally, there are no wires, tubes, electricity in the bed, and no mattress pads to sleep on top of as it fits underneath any bed with 7″ of space and the side rail clearance only needs to be 3.5″. Comes with a remote plus a Bluetooth App that connects to your iPhone, iPad or Android device with an App feature that includes auto-shutoff timers, wake up alarm, biorhythm sleep cycle settings and custom temperature settings. It works with any size beds including adjustable beds. The new V2 model has sleep inducing biorhythm temperature technology that helps one fall asleep quicker, stay asleep for a longer period of time and wake up with more energy and feeling more refreshed.

What we think about the bed temperature controller:

Sharing a bed with another person can often be difficult as most couples fight over the blankets at some point in time. It’s difficult to share a bed because some like to feel cozy with a warm blanket and others like to feel colder. So what to do? Instead of ditching the bed and heading for the nearby couch, one should definitely try this bed temperature controller. Now each person can obtain their perfect bed temperature without fighting with the other to get it. The temperature controller neatly fits under the bed and is quiet while operating.

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