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Handy bag clip will let you carry heavy bags with ease

Prevent spilling while carrying heavy bags with this handy bag clip. It easily snaps on to the top of the bag and makes it much easier to hold. To order from Amazon:

More information about this handy bag clip:

The handy bag clip seals a bag and makes it much easier to transfer. Designed originally for farmers who deal with heavy bags, such as grain, fertilizer and dog food. However, every homeowner can use a bag clip.  The bag clip comes in two sizes. The smaller clip holds smaller bags up to 10 lb, such as bags of frozen vegetables, ice, chips or flour, cat food or grass seed. The bigger clip holds bags up to 40 lb, such as heavy duty bags full of mulch, potting mix and pet food. With the no tear design “teeth”, the bag cannot be punctured so one doesn’t have to bear-hug heavy bags to prevent tearing.

It’s perfect for resealing and keeps the contents fresh. It’s spill-free so no contents will leak, even if you throw the bag. By clipping the product on an angle, a pour spout is created which allows one to pour the contents with control.

The clips are dishwasher and freezer safe, which allows you to clean a clip from one bag and snap it on to another bag that needs to go into the freezer. Unlike other clips, the handy bag clip completely seals all the way across the bag. This is perfect for food items such as chips and flour that need to stay fresh.

handy bag clip

a bag of flour sealed with the bag clip

handy bag clip

clip at an angle to easily pour content

What we think about the handy bag clip:

Carrying heavy bags can be tough on the back, neck and arms. Many try to carry heavy bags in an awkward bear-hug. This method may prevent tearing but will make one feel exhausted. It’s also difficult to lift and lower while bear-hugging a bag and and may result in spilling.

Unlike other similar products, this bag clip not only helps transfer bags, but it seals a bag to maintain freshness. So, you can use it to keep your chips crunchier or your flour fresher.


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