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Footwear remover will save you from touching dirty shoes

Check out this footwear remover that will save you from bending over and touching dirty shoes. To order from Amazon:

More about the Footwear remover:

No longer bend over to take off your shoes. With this footwear remover, one is able to simply slide off their shoes while standing or sitting. The footwear remover was created to be able to accommodate various shoe and boot sizes. This means that both children and adults can find it useful. Children often come back with muddy shoes and the shoe remover is a great solution so that children will feel more motivated to remove their shoes since it’s quick and easy. The elderly will also find it useful as many have difficulty bending over. And, who wants to touch muddy dirty shoes anyway? This is really the perfect solution for anyone.  The inventors are so confident in the product that it has a lifetime warranty. Lastly,  the footwear remover is extremely durable, lightweight and stylish in any home.

What we think about the footwear remover:

This footwear remover seems like the perfect solution for anyone who has trouble bending over or just hates touching dirty and stinky shoes. It’s simple to use and will definitely make a conversation starter with any visitor to your home. Unlike similar products, this footwear remover will accommodate various shoe sizes. It’s small enough to carry around so that you can easily transfer it from one entrance way to the other. Children tend to bring muddy shoes into the home. This is a perfect way to keep your home neat and dirt free. Those who have a handicap may also find this footwear remover handy as they may have limited motion.

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