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Flameless silicone cooker does not require a stove to cook

Cook literally anywhere with this flameless silicone cooker as a stove is not required. To order similar products from Amazon:

More information about the flameless silicone cooker:

This safe flameless silicone cooker is safe and portable. it doesn’t require a stove as it cooks the food with just heating packs and water. It’s offering a new way of life for those who love the outdoors. Those in the outdoors no longer have to eat cold food as one can now heat food literally anywhere. All that is required is the cooker, heating packs, and water. No fire needed. Simply add water to the heating pack and your food will be cooked close to boiling point in minutes. The meal will be ready to enjoy within 10-15 minutes. This allows you to enjoy your food at any outdoor event, whether it’s from your car or at a camp site. The cooker is light and can also be rolled up for easy storing and carrying.

One can also adjust the pressure inside with the pressure cap on the lid. This will maintain the hot steam and temperature. The cooker is safe as the lid is designed with a self double locking system. The double locking system works by closing the lid tighter as the pressure inside increases. This not only keeps the temperature hot inside but also seals the lid so no one can open it.

The cooker is made from BPA free silicone. The BPA silicone is not only safe for your food, it also works great under high temperatures.

flameless silicone cooker

the flameless silicone cooker

flameless silicone cooker

the silicone lid

flameless silicone cooker

heating packs and instructions

What we think about the flameless silicone cooker:

This flameless silicone cooker is perfect for those on-the-go. No stove is needed and no washing dishes are required. Instead of bringing canned food and dried fruit that is cold and not enjoyable to eat, hikers and campers can now enjoy the outdoors and tasty warm food at the same time. All that’s required are the cooker, heating pack, food in a sealed bag and water. All these items require little space in a backpack or bag and can easily be found in most places.

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