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This Innovative Paint Stick EZ-Twist will save you hours Painting

Paint your home much faster and with less mess with the Paint Stick EZ-Twist. To order from Amazon:

What the inventors say about the Paint Stick EZ-Twist:

With the Paint Stick EZ-Twist, you’ll shorten the amount of time spent painting and provide your home with a cool new look. No Roller Tray, No Drips, and No Mess
The EZ-Twist draws paint directly from the can and holds paint in the handle, which eliminates the need for a traditional roller tray. This will save you from the back-bending work of constantly going back and forth to refill on paint.The twistable handle allows for better control of paint flow. This makes the painting process easier and will leave you with a beautifully painted surface.

What we think about the Paint Stick EZ-Twist:

The inventors claim that the Paint Stick EZ-Twist will make painting walls much faster and easier. Most of the time, painting ones walls is tedious, difficult, and back-breaking. If we are given an option to make the painting process faster and easier, we would definitely take it. The unique design of the Paint Stick EZ-Twist is very cool. All the paint needed is stored in the handle. That means that one doesn’t need to constantly dip their paint brush back into the paint which creates uneven amounts on the walls and takes up more time. And to be able to paint an 8’x 8′ wall in 1 minutes is amazing!

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