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Dust collector drill tool will keep your home clean

Keep your home clean with this useful tool that collects dust and provides a laser for leveling. To order from Amazon:

More information on the dust collector drill tool:

This dust collector drill tool is essential for any home. Not only does it include a high-quality laser leveler, it also keeps your home clean by collecting dust.  It’s an innovative design created for any walls. The laser provides flawless alignment for precise drilling and providing you with peace-of-mind while you work. The tool was especially created to keep the work area clean while drilling. An air chamber is used to collects all the dust from drywall, concrete and more. This will definitely save you time and effort. Simply empty contents in the trash when you are done with your project.

The tool is cordless so it’s easy to transfer from wall to wall without any cords to slow you down. It’s made of lightweight yet strong plastic. Suitable for any drilling applications and can be used with a drill that has a maximum chuck diameter of 10mm. Easy to use. Simply place the dust collector drill tool on any flat surface, press vacuum button to provide a seal, then drill. Press release button when finished.

dust collector drill tool

collecting dust while drilling

dust collector drill tool


What we think about the dust collector drill tool:

This dust collector drill tool seems to solve two major problems many experience while trying to fix things. First, many find it incredibly difficult to try and keep a leveler steady with one hand while trying to mark the desired location with a pen in the other hand. The fact that this tool sticks to the walls allows you to be hands-free. That means that you can turn on the laser and get precise measurements without any help. Second, cleaning up dust and debris after drilling is such a pain. It’s such an innovative idea to have a vacuum that collects all the dust into a chamber that can easily be thrown away later.


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